Hi, Welcome to my Portfolio

I am a retired amateur photographer who is learning to edit images in Adobe Photoshop. I began learning Photoshop in April 2020 by watching hundreds of YouTube videos and purchasing courses from some top photographers. This program has certainly been a challenge to learn, but I have loved every minute of the process. For the past year (2020) I used my iPhone 11 Pro (now upgraded to iPhone 12 Pro Max) as my camera with a tripod. I use the Moment Wide Angle (18mm) and Telephoto (58mm) lenses. I also have a couple of ND filters and a polarizing filter that help fill in some of the disadvantages of using an iPhone as my camera. I live in an area that is filled with beautiful gorges and waterfalls, so many of my photos are taken in these areas. I hope there will be improvements in my photography and editing skills over time. I will continue to add photos to my website as I process them. Thank you for stopping by. Update 4/2021 - I decided that I wanted to take my photos to the next level and I purchased a new full frame mirrorless Sony camera. This camera has a learning curve far beyond the old 35 mm film cameras I used to take photos in my younger years. It will take some practice time to produce images that will be presentable for the web, but when I have a few images I think are descent, I'll start posting the photos below my iPhone Images. You can contact me at dmc8@cornell.edu